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Issue 5946

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Brass Roots: Chester Band member on aid mission

Friday 30 September, 2016

City of Chester Band member Donna Jackson has been working in a professional team visiting a number of refugee camps in Greece during the last two weeks of September.

Donna, a qualified Dental Surgeon, answered an appeal issued by UK charity Dentaid which for over 20 years has sent teams of dental professionals to more than 70 countries where there is a real shortage of professional dental care.

The need for professional dental care was highlighted by the charities Red Cross and MSF, whose workers observed that many people were unable to eat because of painful dental problems. Neither organisation had the equipment or the expertise to solve the problem and so Dentaid was called in.

Donna had to go through a lengthy bureaucratic procedure during which her personal and professional accreditations were checked by a Greek voluntary organisation; the refugee camps in Greece are subject to strict military control in order to safeguard the refugees’ wellbeing. At the camps, Donna and her colleagues are visiting dental units that are set up in old shipping containers or in tents inside warehouses. In one blog Donna noted that some refugees had evidence of good dental work in the past, with crowns and bridges “… a legacy of the safe, prosperous life they used to have.”  

Next week Donna Jackson will be back at band practise joining in preparations for the City of Chester Band’s forthcoming engagements and contest at the end of October. Donations to Dentaid may be made at its website at http://dentaid.org/